Review: the TV show Bathonians love to hate – mismatched detective duo of McDonald and Dodds

McDonald and Dodds

Review: McDonald & Dodds. ITV. 2022. Series 3.
It’s the drama that some Bathonians love to hate, but now in its third series the mismatched detective duo of McDonald and Dodds appears to be growing on critics.
Part of the love aspect is the city of Bath, which is in effect the third character in the drama – and some of the appeal is trying to work out where in Bath some of the scenes are set. With several episodes now screened and speculation over a fourth series set for next summer ITV’s bigwigs will be looking at the ratings which have seen viewing figures dip below five million.
The Germans and the French have taken to the series with DVDs released in both countries and the reviews have gone from panning it to a respectable four stars in The Guardian.
For me there’s a quiet charm in the chalk and cheese relationship between Tala Gouveia and Jason Watkins nurtured by the writing of screenwriter Robert Murphy.
And plot twists and unexpected story lines help to distance the series from the likes of Midsomer Murders or Death In Paradise.
Together with a lightness of touch, gentle humour and the un-meeting of minds of the eponymous couple, McDonald & Dodds has evolved to become the equivalent of comfort eating for some who-dunnit addicts.
Harry Mottram