Bath Voice News: restaurant in support of a special school in Sri Lanka organises fund raising night

Children in Sri Lanka will benefit from an event in a Bath restaurant this month when cash raised on March 23rd will go to a south Asian special school that gives education and training to children and young people.

The Coconut Restaurant in Broad Street, Bath, known for its Sri Lankan cuisine is pledging to donate 10% of its takings on 23rd March to Meth Mihira Special Education Centre – a children’s facility in Moratuwa, Sri Lanka, that cares for and educates children with special educational needs.

The restaurant is part of a chain with all the outlets taking part in the self-styled Power Out Night in recognition of the frequent power cuts in Sri Lanka.

Diners can book to eat the full selection of food from The Coconut Tree in a candlelit setting from its Hopper Stations for the occasion which will add glow to the low-lit setting – Hoppers being traditional, bowl-shaped coconut milk pancakes. Guests will be able to try some Sri Lankan cooking for themselves. 

To support the cause and for details:  

For details of the school search for the Facebook site for Meth Mihira Special Education Centre.

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