Bath Voice News: Moorland Road’s Community Library needs you (especially if you have computer and IT skills)

By Harry Mottram: Moorland Road Community Library’s chair of trustees Liz Hearn (pictured above) said that 2022 was all about sustainability for the library but this year it is about growth. The library is run by volunteers who maintain the administration of the Moorland Road resource, stock the books and keep the library open.
Liz Hearn said they welcome new volunteers and especially people with IT skills and those who can help to keep the library open for longer hours.

Liz Hearn

The library says on its website: “Moorland Road Community Library was set up to manage and run the library in response to hearing that Council funding for the library would cease in March 2019. To prevent closure of this facility in our community, it will be run by the community for the community. We are all volunteer local residents.

“We believe that our library is a vital resource for our community, providing a community meeting space with the opportunity to continue to borrow books for free. We love the ‘click and collect’ services offered by the Bath and North East Somerset library service to its members. This means all existing library card holders can choose from the 2.5 million books currently held across the libraries of the south west, reserve them to arrive and be collected from Moorland Road Community Library. Of course library card holders can also choose from the books held on the shelves.

“We have created a new organisation and have gained registered charity status. We are independent of any other organisation.”


Editor: The graphic used here by Bath Voice is a detail taken from the famous WW1 recruitment poster that featured Lord Kitchener and designed by Alfred Leete and we have used it to grab attention as the library needs volunteers to help run it.