Bath Voice News: the duo who split opinions in the city as to how the ITV show McDonald & Dodds portrays Bath will be back on our screens soon

By Harry Mottram: The detective series that some in Bath love to hate is set to return to our television screens after the production company behind the programme were seen filming on the streets of Bath last month.

Tala Gouveia and Jason Watkins are the mismatched detectives, DCI Lauren McDonald & DS Dodds (pictured) in ITV’s McDonald & Dodds who are tasked with solving what can only be called a growing crime wave in the city.

Rather like Midsomer Murders and Beyond Paradise there’s an element of fantasy and an alternative England in the show that sees the odd ball duo solve a series of robberies and murder mysteries which in the real world would be headline news for weeks. That said the complex plots, the uneven West Country accents, engaging characters and above all the backdrop of Bath and the surrounding countryside make it a minor TV hit with audiences.

This will be the fourth series of the show which has had mixed reviews from Bathonians. The West Country accents have jarred with some while the settings have been a joy – but the main gripe amongst critics is the hackneyed character device of having two leading characters who are seemingly poles apart and yet in the final section of the story are united in their solving of a crime.

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