Bath Voice News: Bear Flat is lit up for Christmas thanks to the traders, councillors and the Bear Flat Association highlighting Bath’s unique shopping centre

By Timothy Cantell: For the first time ever, the shops on Bear Flat have had festive lights all round – from both sides of Wellsway to right round Hayes Place.

Bear Flat Association (BFA) organised the scheme, with financial help from many of the traders. Cllrs Deborah Collins and Alison Born also contributed from their BANES ward fund, and the balance was covered by the Association.

BFA Chair David Morgan told Bath Voice: ‘The display not only looks great and draws people in but binds the different parts of  our ‘high street’ together. Our huge thanks go to the various businesses involved plus Marptree Design & Build, Alide Hire and JR Electrical who carried out the installation.’

The lights are the most exciting step BFA has taken so far to upgrade its local centre. They have already renovated the Victorian fountain, built a case for a better layout for traffic and people, and have regular volunteer parties clearing weeds.

BFA will store the lights to go up again in the run up to Christmas 2024.

Pictured are David Morgan (left) and Gareth Somerset, BFA; with Cllr Deborah Collins

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