Bath Voice News: therapeutic theatre for young people comes to the Egg Theatre with Tangled Feet’s Belongings

From Tangled Feet Theatre: Belongings is Tangled Feet’s first production of 2024, a year in which the company celebrates its 20th anniversary. Following the success of its 2023 premiere, for which it has been selected as a finalist for the Offies Award for TYA Best Production, the show will tour UK stages and engage with children in schools, including cared for children under ‘virtual schools’.
Cleo arrives into a new home, unsure of what the future holds. She meets the playful Bertie, who brings her
out of her shell, and Leila, who she has more in common with than she first thought. 
Life has been unsettled for the trio: Bertie is pushing towards the future, Leila is trying to reconnect with her
past and Cleo is searching for answers. Together they balance, dance and climb to navigate imagined
worlds, divided loyalties and loved ones far away. They unite to discover a place called home, the value of
play, and together, learn how to own their own stories. 
Belongings is Tangled Feet’s third piece of therapeutic theatre for young audiences, following Need a Little
Help (2015-2019) and Butterflies (2017-2023). This model of therapeutic theatre involves working with a
targeted population over a long period of time with space for reflection, the use of dramatherapeutic
metaphor and elements of audience participation. Through workshops, devising, design and rehearsals the
companies generate a feedback loop for the young people’s voices and creativity to feed the creation
period and help explore and witness their experiences.

An original show for 7 – 11 year olds created by Tangled Feet and Rowan Tree Dramatherapy
Creation and direction of original production by Nathan Curry
Direction of 2024 production by Kat Joyce

BATH: the egg, Theatre Royal Bath, Sawclose, Bath BA1 1ET
Dates / times: 23 Feb at 10am + 1pm; 24 Feb at 11.30am + 3pm
Tickets: £10 (schools £7.50 + 11 th ticket free)