BATH VOICE SPORTS NEWS: The sport that’s been played on the Rec since Victorian times is offering sessions for beginners

Bath Croquet Club are offering sessions for beginners on the Recreation Ground located behind the rugby ground.
The dates of the sessions are; Taster Session – Sat 15th April am, plus 2 follow-up sessions on 22nd and 29th April. Taster Session – Sat 10th June am, plus 2 follow-up sessions on 17th and 24th June.
Don’t miss out on this opportunity; please contact Hester for more details: (email: or mobile: 07470-822444)

The Club have made this statement on their website:

The lawns are ready for the main season start on Monday 27 March. Thanks to Lynne, Neil and Tony C for setting out the hoops and Philip for the white lining. Lawn 3 has half lawns and full lawn set out, but lawn 2 is only set out for full lawn. From Monday use full lawns, including lawn 1, unless playing short croquet when lawn 3 should be used. Lawns 3A and 3B have been swapped over to make more logical. 3A (nearest to 2) and the full lawn use the plain hoops and 3B is black ring hoops. Lawn 4 is not yet ready for play to start.
Thanks also to the 5 members who turned up for the club work day on 20 March. There is still a significant amount to do to get ready for the summer season and Bob Hart will be again asking for help from members in the near future.

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