Bath Voice News: Entry Hill site proposed for redevelopment as a new factory

By John Wimperis Local Democracy Reporter: A developer is seeking consent to build a factory next to the closed golf course and currently a dog walkers’ paradise and park at Entry Hill.
Bath and North East Somerset (BANES) Council was approached by a local manufacturing company, which has not been publicly identified.
Entry Hill Depot site in Bath, which the company wants to buy, is owned by the council.
The manufacturer currently employs about 150 people in the city and it is believed that the new factory could create 15 new jobs.
A council report warns that the jobs could be lost to Devizes in Wiltshire if a site is not built in Bath.
The proposed purchaser is seeking consent for a 1,000 sq m factory at Entry Hill, a 450 sq m warehouse space and an additional 450 sq m dedicated to ancillary offices, toilets, canteen and staff facilities.
Under the plans, the new space will house an area of production.
The main research and corporate office space would remain at its current site.
The council believes the new jobs could add £1.4m to the local economy, and if the sale went ahead without conditions and without putting it on the open market, the council could receive money for the site sooner.
However, the report also warned that an unconditional site would mean the intended use and economic benefit could not be guaranteed.
Despite this, the company said it was “fully committed” to the factory plan.

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