Bath Voice News: the city’s Fringe Festival gears up for a celebration of the arts with weeks of workshops, music gigs, comedy, children’s shows and drama

Bath Fringe Festival: The festival runs from Friday May 26th to Sunday June 11th.
The Bath Fringe is a festival of all the arts, with few rules as to what should be in or out so expect the unexpected.
There’s also a Children’s Fringe Festival on the 30th May with Lucy at noon creating magic, comedy, circus skills, puppets, balloons and is ideal for 4-8yr olds. At 2pm there’s Clown Bert plus workshops and activities throughout the day.

Bath Fringe Ltd is constituted as a co-operative, and has been running since 1992. It currently has a voluntary management committee of 12 people and two part-time not-very-well-paid workers, along with other volunteer help at festival time. The makeup of this committee has changed over time, though there are a couple of people who have been with us throughout. The Fringe also runs in loose association with Streats, a charity set up to promote high-quality national and international street theatre in Bath; and FAB – Fringe Arts Bath, the visual arts organisation which runs events during the Festival.

The festival is dependent on the generous support of local businesses and other sponsors, including some quite substantial donations; without the generosity of these wonderful people the fringe wouldn’t happen.

For a listing of all the events see