Bath Voice News: appeal for memories and information for those involved in saving the life of a black USA GI in the Second World War (and of Sam Day’s cafe on the Holloway)

By Rob Coles: A soon to be published book detailing the case of a black WW2 GI billeted locally who was accused of rape, a Capital offence under US Law.  Thanks to  the efforts of  Councillor Sam Day,  and Jack Allen who raised a petition the GI’s life was saved.  Sam Day, became the first Labour Party Mayor of Bath.  Little, however, is known about Jack except that he had a cafe at the bottom of Holloway and may have had a tea stall on the Broad Quay at  the north end of the Old Bridge.  The author has asked if any readers can remember Jack or perhaps knows of any living relative that may have memories. The event  was considered nationally to be a very significant case.   

Sam and Jack and their actions that saved a life deserve to be remembered..  The Author Kate Warren  may be contacted by email