Bath Voice News: ballet dancer Marina Moreno gives some pretty candid answers to our rather cheeky questions ahead of Bluff Your Way In Ballet at the Mission Theatre in June

Ballet News. Q&A: Marina Moreno – the dancer and actor from Seizing The Day is taking part in Bluff Your Way In Ballet at the Mission Theatre 5-7 June, 2023. Tickets:

We asked her some cheeky questions:
Where do you live: Bristol
When did you first take an interest in dance: At the age of five, but I always connected more with contemporary dance and later I trained as a professional dancer in post-modern dance.
What was the first ballet show your saw: The Nutcracker by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.
Favourite subject at school: Gymnastics and art.
Why is dance and ballet in particular important: To find ourselves and to communicate with others, to express emotions that cannot be translated in words, to connect with spirituality.
Tell me about the show: It’s funny, witty, but at the same time has historical reference about ballet, it is collaborative and innovative as it looks at ballet through a lens that shows different approaches and perspective about ballet, the members of the company comes from different artistic background (dancers from different disciplines, ballet, contemporary post-modern, actors) which certainly makes the show unique, Alex the director was part of the Royal Ballet and this again is certainly amazing as it tells the story through a very valuable and personal way which allow the audience (professionals and non) to connect with the play which is both very approachable and fun but also full of details the audience might have not have know.
Worst thing about ballet: too constrictive and can physically and emotionally damage young people, does not allow full personal creativity, it’s all in the hand of the choreographer so gives little ways to the dancers to be creative, in the past it has been controlled by men that would choose women dancers according to the beauty cannon they had in mind.
Something funny related to dance that has happened to you: As a child I used to walk on my toes all the times as I thought I was a dancer.

Tickets for the show:

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