Bath Voice News: catching up with a trio of Bath farm workers (although perhaps that’s not the term as they have 21st century job titles)

By Harry Mottram: The tomatoes are flying off the shelf and the public can’t get enough of the herbs and vegetables on offer at Bath City Farm’s shop at the Kelston View site – and to keep the farm open they need to make £2,000 a day – so it’s very welcome news.
Bath Voice caught up with a trio of farm workers (although perhaps that’s not the term as they have 21st century job titles). Pictured are from left: Alison Howell, Jude Rice and Ellie Ringwood.
Alison Howell is the community and development lead, Jude Rice is the farm’s community grower and Ellie Ringwood is a marketing intern.
Ellie is at the farm for a spell following college to learn on the job: “It’s been invaluable experience as it is different from college as that was the theory side while this is practical and hands on. I’ve written press releases, and for the blog and things for the website and Instagram posts – but so far I’ve not been asked to clean out the pigs.”
Education and training are part of the work for Jude Rice at the farm as she works with a range of people including those with additional learning needs and people who have been out of work for a time.
She stressed that training and working with people who have been out of work the social side of their experience at the farm was very important.
Alison said the farm also has away days for companies and organisations along with events such as flower arranging workshops, bird watching walks and cooking and dining experiences. For more about the farm, it’s cafe and shops visit: