Bath Voice News: demonstration calling for peace in the war in Gaza takes place in Bath

By Harry Mottram: Bathonian film director Ken Loach addressed a demonstration in Bath city centre on Saturday (November 4, 2023) protesting against the ongoing conflict in Gaza and Israel. He called for negotiations to enforce The rule of International Law; respect for Human Rights and Geneva Convention; a return to the original borders; forcible removal of settlers; and proper negotiations for a secure future.

The speech took place at a rally on Kingston Parade, to the south of Bath Abbey and was heard by approximately 500 demonstrators. Groups involved included Bath University Islamic Society, Bath Friends of Palestine, Bath Stop War, Rethinking Security Bath, Bath Trades Union Council and Amnesty International.

There have been large demonstrations in support of a cease fire in Gaza across the world including London and Bristol. The UK Government and opposition Labour Party have sort a pause to the fighting to allow humanitarian groups to help the injured and those left homeless – but not a cease fire as that could be seen as a victory for the Hamas forces who began the conflict by murdering hundreds of innocent people in Israel on October 7th. Israel is to continue fighting the Gaza Hamas group until all 240 or so hostages are released despite the death toll and damage to Gaza’s infrastructure.

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