Bath Voice Sports News: Spotlight on Lisa Putt – the former long-jump athlete on taking a leap with Team Bath Netball for the 2024 Super League season

From Team Bath Netball: Athletic defender Lisa Putt is one of two overseas star to join Team Bath Netball for the 2024 Super League season. We caught up with the New Zealander to see how she is enjoying life in Bath.

  • How are you settling in here in the UK, and how have you slotted into the squad?

I am really enjoying it! I like the way everything is laid out here – the living space, the community vibe in Bath. The squad itself is a nice group of girls and I get along with them really well. They have all welcomed me into the team and done their best to make me feel comfortable, so I am grateful for that.

  • What’s surprised you most about living here?

I really enjoy how close everything is, you can nip out and go for a stroll to the shop. The community atmosphere is on the next level here, everyone is out doing things; they are all out walking and it is so different to how it is in New Zealand where everyone drives to the shops. I like how everything is in walking distance in Bath, it makes it so useful.

  • You’ve come from the Robinhood Stars (ANZ Premiership). From a netball perspective, are things very different over here compared to New Zealand?

The organisation of everything is quite different here. Of course netball is netball, it is going to be quite similar, but in terms of training plans and coaching it’s very different. I do enjoy this layout though, it suits me quite well, I really enjoy the vibe here and the team atmosphere.

  • How did you first get into netball?

My family were the reason I got into netball. They encouraged me to play sport since I was little and netball was just another one I had on the list but it’s the one I focused more on as I got older. I found I had a love for the sport and I have continued to love it all the way through to my adult life. It has been a major part of my social life and my professional life, so it has ticked so many boxes for me.

  • Was there anyone who played a major role in your development?

I would say Michelle Parsons. She is coach of the team below the Robinhood Stars, the Comets, and was also in my school team. She has played a massive part in my development, in terms of bringing out the confidence in me to do what I can; she has always supported me and wanted the best for me. Also, my mum has played a role. She took me to every training session and provided the classic parent support, pushing me into things that maybe I didn’t want to do at the time. That’s the main reason I am where I am now. I am hugely grateful to both of them.

  • What are you most looking forward to while playing for Team Bath Netball Super League?

Honestly, I am looking forward to soaking up the atmosphere at the games. It is going to be something different compared to what I have seen before in New Zealand, it seems like there is a good backing for all the teams here in general. I am looking forward to seeing how the Bath community comes together for our games, it’s exciting!

  • You are a former long-jump and triple-jump athlete – how has that helped you in netball?

It has helped massively; I can’t recommend enough the importance of doing a range of sports when you are younger. Athletics has been a huge part of my growth physically and mentally because it is an individual sport versus doing a team sport. I have always been quite a powerful person in terms of jumping, but having that specific long-jump and triple-jump training has helped me bucketloads in netball.

You can see Lisa and her fellow new recruits in action for Team Bath on Sunday 14th January at our pre-season Tri-Tournament, also featuring London Pulse and Severn Stars. Tickets for that event and our nine home Super League matches during 2024 are on sale now at