Bath Voice Theatre Preview: six women, six stories, six Lockdown Blues in a comedy drama by Polly Lamb

Friday, March 10th, 2023 at 9pm

Lockdown Blues:  Fresh New Comedy Drama from Really Truly Theatre Company.

Look out for an exciting evening of comedy drama at this year’s Elevate Festival from Really Truly Theatre Company. Lockdown Blues takes a wry, moving and often hilarious look at the lives of six very different women during the 2020 lockdown. Written by Polly Lamb this punchy piece of original theatre is on 10th March, 9pm at the Theatre Royal, Bath, and chimes very well with International Women’s Day, celebrated the same week.

Lockdown Blues dips into the lives of six women across the generations who share their frustrations, their triumphs and some very resourceful solutions to surviving Lockdown. Their stories are funny and poignant and pick up on familiar experiences of 2020.  Polly says ‘I was keenly aware that women had been affected by lockdown in so many different ways and the stories coming from the media indicated that women were experiencing distinct challenges to the ones men were facing. One monologue quickly developed into 6 characters and I’d like to think they all have a little maverick edge to them.’ 

Six actors, representing Danni, Eileen, Jeanette, Sally, Penny and Tash, reveal what they do to stay sane (you might be surprised) and what connects them to each other and to all of us. You can expect a fresh, fun and life-affirming evening.

The play, which was a sellout at the recent Frome Festival, runs for just over an hour and contains some strong language and adult themes.

Book tickets (£7) from the Elevate Festival box office: 01225 448844