Bath Voice News: believe it or not the city of Bath’s population is getting younger

Bath and North East Somerset is one of a handful of areas bucking a national trend and seeing its population get younger on average writes Local Democracy Reporter John Wimperis.
The United Kingdom as a whole has, for a long time, had a population which is growing older on average. But in BANES and some other rural areas, the opposite of this is happening.
In BANES there has been a 1.3% increase in the proportion of the population ages between 18 and 30, the second-highest increase in England after West Lancashire where the proportion of people in this age group went up by 1.8%.
Bath and North East Somerset where a local authority with a population of just over 190,000 contains the University of Bath which has almost 20,000 students.

The details come from the Government’s census. Details at

The photo is from Bath Spa University’s student union