Bath Voice News: local elections see the Liberal Democrats hold Bath and North East Somerset Council although the Mayor Rob Appleyard loses his election to the Green Party’s Saskia Heijtjes

By Harry Mottram: The Lib Dems have held Bath and North East Somerset Council with an increased number of councillors with the Tories down three, the Greens winning new representatives and Labour picking up one in Keynsham.

The results will be updated later today as they are released.

These results have come in so far with thanks to Local Democracy Reporter John Wimperis:

Widcombe & Lyncombe — Lib Dem HOLD

The Liberal Democrats have won both seats in Widcombe & Lyncombe, a vote which is believed have seen the longest all-woman candidate list in the country.

Lyn Barham (GRN) 387

Alison Patricia Sian Born (LD) 1,463

Priya Chathley (CON) 503

Deborah Joan Collins (LD) 1,288

Charlotte Goodfellow Foster (LAB) 197

Louisa Sarah McFarland (CON) 557

Christina Joan Ryan (LAB) 176

Ruth Shaw (GRN) 299

Turnout 50.50%

Keynsham North — Lib Dem GAIN

The Liberal Democrats have taken both seats in Keynsham North off the Conservatives.

Alex Paul Beaumont (LD) 914

Edmund Stuart Cannon (GRN) 185

Christopger Jeffery Davis (LAB) 315

Justin Nigel Edwards (GRN) 147

Kai-Ashley Sean Vivian Fletcher (LAB) 234

George Leach (LD) 697

Brian Simmons (CON) 470

Allan Melville Sinclair (CON) 401

Turnout 34.82%

Combe Down — Lib Dem HOLD

Bob Goodman, one of the highest-profile former Conservative councillors and a cabinet member before he lost his seat in 2019, has failed to get back on the council in Combe Down.

Amy Alsop (GRN) 328

David Andrews (GRN) 164

Tom Battersby (LAB) 158

Bob Goodman (CON) 754

Steve Merrifield (CON) 672

Bharat Ramji Nathoo Pankhania (LD) 1,254

Onkar Saini (LD) 1,154

Marie Louise Youngman (LAB) 149

Turnout 46.15%

Odd Down — Lib Dem HOLD

Kathy Anne Beadle (GRN) 266

Jasper Becker (CON) 367

Michael James Clarkson (CON) 352

Mary Patricia Flitton (LAB) 196

Steve Hedges (LD) 1,000

Joel Edwin Hirst (LD) 989

Ellie Maher (GRN) 194

Liz Vincent (LAB) 193

Turnout 35.68%

Radstock — Labour HOLD & GAIN

Rupert Stephen Jude Bevan (CON) 237

Christopher John Dando (LAB) 527

Shaun Anthony goodwin (CON) 188

Liam Michael Kirby (GRN) 214

Lesley Ann Michael (LAB) 442

Hermionie Rose Peace (LD) 226

Bruce Andrew Shearn (LD) 330

Dom Tristram (GRN) 218

Turnout 28.12%

Lambridge — Green HOLD & GAIN

Bath’s “Bicycle Mayor,” Saskia Heijtjes, has unseated Bath’s actual Mayor, Rob Appleyard, in a gain for the Greens in a high-turnout vote Lambridge. Greens won both seats in the ward, with Joanna Wright, who defected to the Greens from the Liberal Democrats comfortably holding on to her seat.

Rob Appleyard (LD) 683

Paula Joan Black (LAB) 301

Steve Casemore (LAB) 275

David Michael Ferris (CON) 398

Saskia Heijtjes (GRN) 921

Alex Saunders (LD) 467

Paul Anthony Toombs (CON) 337

Joanna Wright (GRN) 1,120 Turnout 52.99%